Some Moments Last Forever, Some Should Be Better

by Corgi

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An album about being jealous, feeling lost, losing my psvita, and learning how to stop hurting the people I care about.
Released by Kew Garden Records


released March 15, 2018

Nicolas Eichen helped record True Value/St. Nicolas
Swan Michelle mastered this thing and made the album cover
David Murray played guitar on True Value
Brady Kennedy played the drums on No Hope, No Future

I mostly used a 57 to record this (except the drums on NHNF which also had a c414 and true value which Nic recorded).
The smallsound/bigsound mini is on every track that has electric guitar cause that thing is sick.

Thank you to everyone who has been messaging me positive things while in Japan, it helps. I'm trying I promise.


all rights reserved


Track Name: No Hope, No Future
I'm passing out on the couch in your house tonight
so please don't fret on the lights
I turn off
to burn out
to intrude on your peaceful activities
I'm scared of darkness, and airports, and swimming

I'm staring at the free time in my calendar
and all of the ways that I can't think to fill the hours
I'm not qualified to clean up some dishes
cause they make machinery that's free and efficient

I thinking, if I lay out in the street right now
you'd probably keel over from laughing
If a truck ran me down and then say
he was always this way
"More Dead Than Ever" carved big on my grave

No hope, no future
so just stay away
from the things that I do
that I make
that I say

No hope, no future
When I'm back from Japan
Can't you just tell there was no master plan

No hope, no future
Track Name: Corbo the Local Boone Celebrity (Goes to Japan)
there's marketing notes where creativity should be flowing down this paper
like lines of red blood but I stopped that ever since I left highschool
now I'm stuck always just trying to act cool

I wish I could be all the friends that I love
While they take their turns flying into the sun
hold them up as my arms collapse under their weight
fall to find all the better me's left in my wake

I'm gonna beat ass at all your release shows but that is the farthest I fear we will all go I tried this before and I don't yearn for more, I wish you the best in the long term

I wish I remembered what it used to feel like
to have fun at Black Cat in the dead of night
you all had the flu and too few cables;
people using low hung PA's as their tables

Mosh pits, adrenaline, microphone stands
dancing oblivious to the world and its plans
and now I-

I'm gonna beat ass at all your release shows but that is the farthest I fear we will all go I tried this before and I don't yearn for more, I wish you the best in the long term
Track Name: Exchange Rates
Just last night, I was crying in my sleep
Wish that I had died when I was sixteen
for half the year wolf spiders tried to climb inside my ear
Let them chow down

I did not apply myself as well as all the better selves I could've been

You all would've been the same if I had gone and spilled my brains in a car crash
I wanna talk about exchange rates!
I wanna dance around the point till our feet are sore
and you finally give up

I have not applied myself as well as all the better selves
that I could never be
because I never had this in me
Track Name: Shin Megami Tensei
I have got the special edition of Shin Megami Tensei 4
with the included artbook/strategy guide to get your newbie foot in the door
cause I had never beaten a single game in that canon before

I have got the special plastic watch from Virtue's Last Reward
and a stack of major arcanas from Persona's Q and 4
Who could ever wanna ask for more?

I wish I had a time machine so I could go back
and beat my younger self till he was blue and black
at crucial moments to learn harder lessons harder
and maybe then I would've ever bothered to call my family

I have got unhealthy obsessions with the things that I once owned
or the things I think I need so I take them all home with me
and keep them close when I can't sleep
But I never sleep and nothing brings me peace
and least of all these things I think I need
That I let leave their mark on me
Track Name: True Value/St. Nicolas
I'm sure you could find a snake down in the bushes
If you wanted to
end it that way
if you're desperate

Birds will often break their necks on plexi glass
so what good comes from stretching wings?
Or holding onto anything?
Lessons learned go in one side
and out like broken incandescent lightbulbs
and True Value is closed.

"You were supposed to let go!"
"I'm sorry! I freaked out!"

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